permanent sales
bout' time


-Shipping is not included!

-Paypal only

-You have 24 hours to pay for your stuff (it's your responsibility to check back)

-I'm willing to hold stuff for 48 hours

-I'm open to haggling

-I ship from Texas, United States

-I'm not held responsible for lost/damaged items after they are shipped


-During off periods, i will only sell orders over $7 (sorry guys, i don't have any shipping supplies or time to sell items of $0.50)


-this is a pet friendly home and my cat is often in my room, you have been warned!

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Them cards bro....
just posting my card collection for bragging and trade purposes

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well that took 5 hours out of my life...

anyways, i also have a giant box full of common,uncommon,rare,promo, etc cards. so if your needing a card desperately just ask and maybe i can find it.

thanks for looking =]

want list
i finally made a want list!


* i would MUCH rather have the buyer send me the item first, but i am willing to send the item
at the same time the buyer sends it. =]

* I WILL NOT SEND THE ITEM FIRST, unless sender has a sales permission from pokemon collectors
(or digimon collectors if it has to do with digimon)

* if you are selling something to me please refrain from trying to take advantage of the
situation =[


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charm customization

Closed (temporarily)
PM to check status in detail

this link is only for auctions or sales, you CAN'T purchase here or ask me to commission you here. but you are more than welcome to ask questions or make comments.

*note to the buyer*
this thread is for you to customize you charm!
and it also to show you the limit of my abilities, so please
make sure you read all the steps and answer every question.
knowing this i hope you can be patient with me as i will be patient with you =].


* DO NOT ask me why some pokemon are in certain areas (ex: "why is
feraligatr on easy and croconaw on normal?"). i have my reasons for
placing pokemon in their designated difficulty.

* no haggling is permitted.

* ONLY POKEMON PLZ (commissions slots for OCs will be made available

* trades are acceptable but they must be from this list:
if i'm offered grail items, i will be willing to make a lot more than
just one charm. =] (this doesn't mean i'll take any trade offer)

* i will NOT make charms until i am payed, although down payments are
acceptable (half of your winning bid or original price). but last
payment must be made before shipping.

* PLEASE DON"T BE PUSHY OR RUDE! (i will cancel commissions and return
money if you can't show common courtesy).

anyways, let's get started!!!

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feedback thread!
I'm making a feedback thread to let people know I can be trusted!

I'll accepting any feedback (negative or positive)
and it would be a great contribution from the few people I sold items to so far. =]

thank you for your time!



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